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Forest Road - Unity Game

After working with game studio Forgotten Empires for two years I decided to create my own game from scratch. I had two months spare and I chose to spend them creating a game using nothing but the Unity Engine. The game style I picked was 3D Tower Defence as they are often quite complex.

Forest Road early development image

Development was initially slow but once the smaller compnenets were done the game started to come together quickly. The user camera controls and cursors were the first to come along, then the fog of war was created along with some of the main buildings and units (pictured above).

Forest Road 1

The next thing implemented was the nature elements. Trees and rocks were added and properly displayed in fog of war.

Forest Road 2 Forest Road 2

Eventually the more complex features were completed. The AI and object pathfinding was written - building on the existing unity NavMesh pathfinding I coded many changes to make the pathfinding work how the way the game needed. One of the changes I made was creating locations around the base of buildings so that objects would not get caught on each other as easily (pictured as green boxes). The AI I programmed also needed to work well, so to ensure correct decision making I built the AI using Subsumption architecture. Nature objects such as trees and rocks were also added in to embellish the map after the AI was created.

Forest Road 4

The combat was next to be created and collisions added in soon after. These were then linked in with what was already created and shown to the user visually through the User Interface. The last thing to be added was the lighting, which took a lot longer than anticipated. The day-night cycle did eventually get completed and is utilized by some of the towers.

Forest Road 5

Creating a game using no existing assets was lot of fun and great deal of work. The end game is something that I am quite proud of considering the complexity of the game developed and that it was a solo endeavour. I play the game every now and again and it always creates an urge to continue development on it.