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Umbraco 8 dropped way back in the long-ago, pre-covid days of 2019. When it first released the Umbraco team were very clear that there is no migration path available from the previous version of 7.* to verion 8. They literally state that:

you will need to migrate your content from your Umbraco 7 site into your Umbraco 8 site and then recreate the rest in the new version.

*Emphasis mine*

It is very disheartening that the team didn't provide any knowledge surrounding the upgrades breaking changes. I remember bumbling through v8 documentation, only seeing scraps and putting it to v8 being so new that the documentation just wasn't created yet. Well, Umbraco 9 has just been released and there still is jack-squat about some of the very basic things that need to be done.

As a nice reminder to myself (and anyone else who somehow manages to view this) I'm recording the basic view changes that I had to make to convert v7 views to v8/v9.


@inherits has changed:

@inherits Umbraco.Web.Mvc.UmbracoTemplatePage // v7
@inherits Umbraco.Web.Mvc.UmbracoViewPage // early v8
@inherits Umbraco.Cms.Web.Common.Views.UmbracoViewPage // v9


Umbraco Properties has changed:

@Model.Content.Url // v7
@Model.Url // v8
@Model.Url(PublishedUrlProvider) // v9

At least there is some documentation about this, good luck finding it through google though. The long and short of it is that .Content has been removed due to the RenderModel being removed in v8.


View Model Properties has changed:

@Model.Content.GetPropertyValue("alias") // v7
@Model.Value("alias") // v8, v9

@Umbraco.Field("pageName") // removed in v8+

This is an easier one to get an immediate answer to on googs. It seems more than a few people were caught with their pants down by the .Value breaking change. A little more obscure is this reference regarding the UmbracoHelper field being removed.


Other changes:

This post by Bjarne Fyrstenborg is a gold mine that, in my opinion, should have just been the entire v8 announcement.

Hopefully I won't have to add too many more things to this in my quest to convert a site from version 7.

My God guide you in your quest - quote from The Office