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Milkman Matty Website

Front-end Magician,
Server-side Buccaneer,
Full-package Programmer.

Creating code is what I am about.

Hi, I'm Matt.

I've been programming for over 11 years now and I love what I do. I enjoy creating websites that are elegant, functional and seemless to use. Tinkering with webapps, SQL databasing and inspecting websites are my bread and butter. I'm inquisitive, quietly confident, and relentless in my pursuit to be better.


Front-end Developer

I convert raw data from the server into intuitive interfaces for the user.

Languages spoken:

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Sass

Creation Kit:


Visual Studio Code


Balsamiq Mockups







Back-end Developer

Forging clean code from scratch that gets the job done right.

Languages spoken:

C#, PHP, SQL, Java

Development Tools:

Powershell / Terminal

Visual Studio

SQL Server Management Studio

Windows Server 2012/16

Debian / CentOS

Internet Information Services 7+

DNS Config




Full-package Programmer

I have experience in almost every programming discipline.

Languages spoken:

C, BASIC, Objective-C, Bash, XS

Other Applications:

Game Development




AI / Multi-Agent Programming

Software Programs

Procedural Generation

Basic lighting / shader scripting


My Portfolio

Here are some of my more recent projects.

The Centre for Inclusive Design website shows that web accessibility compliance does not have to be a trade off with aesthetics. With a new layout provided I redesigned their old website. View Website
Sharehouse Theatre's previous site was an old WordPress blog. The new site is built in Umbraco and sports an interactive calendar and a layout that reflects the theatre domain View Website
Craft Brewer needed a new site and already had a layout selected. The new site is much more secure and sports many new features thanks to a fully custom built NopCommerce solution. View Website
Harmony on Carmody is a multicultural cafe that approached me to get their website up and running. They had already created a website design but needed help transforming the design from pictures into a working website. View Website
Health-Hop are a friendly group who offer services for the general public. They came to me with an existing website that was too hard to maintain and update. The website now utilizes WordPress and the design maintained its overall simplistic layout. View Website

Other Endeavours.

I'm a bit of a code explorer. I'm always keen to try my hand at new languages and frameworks in different environments.

State of Origin Soundboard

Android App

This quaint Android app was created to keep those that don't follow the Australian sporting event - State of Origin. It has pictures of all of the players, on both teams, and upon tapping on an image an audio sample plays for that athlete.

Forestroad Keeper

Unity C# Game

Created in a month this game was my exploration into game creation from scratch. Creating the fundamentals of a Real Time Strategy, like Fog of War, pathfinding, combat and building placement were all quite challenging. View Breakdown >>

Halo Wars 2 Builder

React Webapp

This React application involves a React Router communicating with an MVC server which talks to a Database storage. The app was created to explore the possible applications of React rather than the functionality of a Halo Wars 2 Build order creator. However it does it's job very well.


I am currently booked-out, however if you'd like to contact me please see below.